How To Send Bulk SMS From API

How to Get Entity Id From UCC MTNL Portal?

  1. Log in to UCC MTNL Portal
  2. After Login Go To Top Right Cornor & Click Drop Button
  3. Click on Account Setting
  4. Get Your Entity Id as mentioned below picture.

How to Get Header Id From UCC MTNL Portal?

  1. Log in to UCC MTNL Portal
  2. Click On Headers
  3. Click on SMS Headers
  4. Select Approved and Click On Search
  5. Get Your Header Id Code

Sending SMS through Bulk SMS API is very Easy. 

  1. Username: Type Your TextGuru Username
  2. Password: Type Your TextGuru Password
  3. Source: Type Your Header Name
  4. Dmobile: Type Your Indian Mobile Number
  5. Dltentityid: Type Your DLT Entity Id
  6. Dltheaderid: Type Your DLT HeaderId
  7. Dlttempid: Type Your DLT Template Id
  8. Message : Type Your Message Which is Approved By DLT PORTAL

Command Line for Sending Message:
Bulk SMS API (English SMS),918284047606&dltentityid=id&dltheaderid=id&dlttempid=id&message=Your Message

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