How to Register Your Templates On MTNL Dlt Portal?

                                       Let's Start Template On DLT

Listen Podcast To Apply Content Templates

01. Open Website Link

02. Click On Login

03. Select radio button (As Enterprise)

04. Click on Next

05. Enter your login details (registered email and password)

06. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number, enter OTP and click on verify.

07. Click on Templates (Button)

08. Click on Content Templates

09. Click on ADD+ Button

10. Follow Below Chart

11. From Template Type : Choose Service Only

12. From Content Type Choose: 

  # IMPLICIT : To Send Transactional SMS : Like OTP, Username & Password

  # EXPLICIT: To Send Promotional SMS To Your Customers Only

13. From Next : Choose Your Header Name

14. Template Name : Type Template Name For Your Knowledge Only

15. Text Type : 

      # If Your Message is in English Choose Text
      # If Your Message is in Other Language, Choose Regional

16. Template Message: Type Your Message Here

     For Example :  Your Message is :

       Dear Customer, Your OTP is 345678.  OTP is Valid for 2 Minutes Only.

    Template Message Type Should be As below 

      Dear Customer, Your OTP is {#var#}. OTP is Valid for 2 Minutes Only. www.{#var#} ABCDEF

      Type Your Header Name in Last Of Template

17. It is mandatory to add your BRAND NAME either you can add your HEADER NAME (sender-id)  in the last of your template message before saving the template, template could rejected if it is not done while registering.

18. Now wait for Template approval from the operator.

19: Kindly send us Your Templates in below Format:
     Templateid : 36367348494994  Header Name: ABCDEF
     If you have multiple templates, Kindly send in One Go

13  Approval  of templates depends on the operator queue. You will get confirmation on your registered email id once it approved by MTNL.

14. Thank You


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